1923 M91/30


1923 M91/30, Hex reciever, all matching serial numbers including bayonnet, includes sling, bore is good,wood has been professionaly refinished.All parts reworked or replaced. Shoots well.


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The Mosin-Nagant 1923 M91/30 , a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed military rifle, officially known as the M1891 3-line rifle, saw extensive service between 1882 and 1891. Chambered for the 7.62×54mmR cartridge, it became one of the most mass-produced glock 17 gen 4 mos military bolt-action rifles in history, with more than 37 million units manufactured since 1891. Used by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and several states, Rifle Mosin M91 Izhevsk continues to have historical importance and has participated in conflicts. Throughout the world, m91 30 stock is showing its enduring relevance despite its age.

In 1889, three rifles were evaluated:

  • Captain Sergei Ivanovich Mosin presented a “.30 cal” (7.62 mm) rifle.
  • Belgian designer Léon Nagant introduced a “.35 cal” (9 mm) design.
  • Captain Zinoviev came up with another “.30 cal” design (1 “line” = 1⁄10 inch or 2.54 mm, making 3 lines equal to 7.62 mm).

Features and specifications

Caliber: Chambered for the 7.62×54 mmR cartridge.

Barrel Length: Features a standard-length barrel for optimal accuracy.

Construction: Solid construction with wood and metal components for durability.

Sight Options: Equipped with iron sights, including an adjustable rear sight for elevation.

Accuracy: Known for mosin nagant m91/30 7.62x54r accuracy, with an average minute of arc of 1.5 to less than 1 to 100 meters.

Historical Significance: Introduced in m91 30 value, the M91/30 has a rich heritage.

Ammunition capacity: Standard five-round internal magazine.

Military service: Used by both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, it contributed to the production of more than 37 million units.

Continuous Use: Despite its age, 7.62×54mmR cartridge length has seen action in several global conflicts.

Purchase information:

Dig into trusted sources to purchase the 1923 M91/30 online, ensuring legality and compliance with local firearms regulations. Check the availability of reputable dealers and consider any special considerations or requirements associated with the purchase.

Prioritize understanding legal obligations and the potential need for processing through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. If lacking a Curio & Relic license, seamlessly involve an FFL dealer for a legal and hassle-free transaction.

Familiarize yourself with the sales process, including placing the order and the documentation necessary for a safe and compliant purchase of mosin nagant m91/30 caliber.



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