1946 Soviet IZHEVSK M44 7.62 Mosin-Nagant Carbine SPIKE BAYONET EXCELLENT


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In the annals of firearm history, few rifles carry the weight of the 1946 Soviet Izhevsk M44. This iconic piece of Soviet engineering is not just a relic of the past; it’s a testament to the durability and craftsmanship that defined an era. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable piece of history.

The Birth of the M44

In the tumultuous years following World War II, the Soviet Union sought to equip its military with a compact and reliable rifle. Enter the M44, a variant of the earlier Mosin-Nagant, which had been the workhorse of the Russian Empire’s armed forces and, later, the Red Army. The Izhevsk arsenal, known for its high-quality firearms, was instrumental in producing the 1942 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant M91/30.

Key Features of 1944 Izhevsk M44

  1. Caliber and Ammunition: The M44 is chambered for the powerful 7.62x54mmR cartridge, known for its long-range accuracy and stopping power.
  2. Folding Bayonet: One of the most iconic features of the M44 is its folding bayonet. This practical addition allowed the soldier to quickly transform their rifle into a formidable melee weapon when needed.
  3. Carbine Length: The M44’s shortened design made it more maneuverable in close quarters, ideal for infantry troops.
  4. Solid Construction: Built like a tank, the M44 features a solid wood stock, a robust bolt-action system, and a durable metal finish, making it a rifle built to last.
  5. Simplicity and Reliability: The M44’s design is known for its simplicity and reliability, two essential qualities for a military rifle.

Historical Significance

The M44 played a pivotal role during the early years of the Cold War. It was the standard issue rifle for Mosin Nagant 91/59 Bolt Action Soviet infantry, and it saw action in conflicts around the world. From Eastern Europe to Asia, the M44 was there, serving its purpose with unwavering reliability.

Collectibility and Modern Appeal

Today, the 1943 Izhevsk mosin nagant holds a unique place in the hearts of firearms enthusiasts and collectors. Its historical significance and rugged design make it a sought-after piece of history. Many have found joy in restoring and preserving these rifles, ensuring they remain in good working condition.

But it’s not just about nostalgia. The M44 still has a role to play in the modern world. Its accuracy and power make it a capable hunting rifle, and its robust design ensures it can withstand the test of time.


The 1946 Soviet Izhevsk M44 is more than just a relic from the past; it’s a symbol of an era marked by innovation and conflict. Its enduring design, combined with its historical significance, continues to capture the fascination of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you appreciate its history or its utility, the M44 is a timeless classic that has truly earned its place in the annals of firearm history.


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