Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant (made in 1941 at VKT) 7.62x54r


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The Finnish M39 Mosin-Nagant, often regarded as one of the finest military surplus rifles in history, is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of the Finnish people. This iconic bolt-action rifle, derived from the original Russian Mosin-Nagant, has a rich history and a reputation for remarkable accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating story of the Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54r, its design, features, and why it continues to captivate firearms enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

The Legacy of the Mosin-Nagant

The Mosin-Nagant rifle, designed by Russian wwii rifle inventors, saw its first service in the late 19th century. It was widely used by Russian forces and later by many countries during World War I and World War II. The Mosin Nagant WW2, a bolt-action rifle, was known for its reliability, ruggedness, and affordability.

Finnish Adaptation

Finland, a country that had been a part of the m9130 Mosin Nagant, gained its independence in 1917. The Russian Mosin Nagant caliber military inherited a substantial number of Russian Mosin-Nagant rifles, and they decided to refine and improve the design to better suit their needs. The result was the Mosin Nagant 91/30, a rifle that combined the ruggedness of the original with the precision of Finnish craftsmanship.

Key Features of the Finnish M39 Mosin-Nagant

  1. Barrel Quality: The M39 boasts a high-quality barrel that was produced with great precision, contributing to its remarkable accuracy. Finnish gunsmiths were known for their expertise in barrel manufacturing, and the M39 was a testament to their skill.
  2. Two-Stage Trigger: The M39 featured a two-stage trigger, which provided a smoother and more controlled pull. This feature enhanced the accuracy of the rifle, allowing for more precise shots.
  3. Improved Stock Design: The M39’s stock was typically made from high-quality Finnish birch or walnut, providing both durability and aesthetics. The stock design allowed for better balance and improved handling.
  4. Enhanced Sights: The Finnish M39 Mosin-Nagant was equipped with adjustable iron sights, allowing for precise targeting at varying distances. This made it a popular choice among marksmen.
  5. Enhanced Bolt: The bolt of the M39 was expertly refined, resulting in smoother and faster cycling. This, in turn, increased the rate of fire and improved overall performance.

Historical Significance

The M38 Mosin bayonet played a crucial role in Finland’s history, particularly during the Winter War (1939-1940) and the Continuation War (1941-1944) against the Soviet Union. Finnish soldiers, armed with the M39, showcased their marksmanship skills and resilience against overwhelming odds. The rifle’s accuracy and reliability became legendary during these conflicts, solidifying its place in history.

Collectibility and Modern Use

Today, the Finnish mosin nagant m91/30 has a cult following among firearms enthusiasts and collectors. Its historical significance, combined with its superior craftsmanship, makes it a sought-after piece for many. Whether you’re a collector or a shooter, the Finnish m38 is a unique and enjoyable shooting experience. Ammunition is still widely available, and the rifle continues to find use in target shooting and hunting.


The Finnish m39 Mosin Nagant is a prime example of how a simple, rugged design can be transformed into a precision instrument through the hands of skilled craftsmen. Its historical significance, exceptional accuracy, and the legacy of Finnish innovation have earned it a special place in the world of firearms. For those who appreciate both history and marksmanship, the M39 is a must-have in their collection. Whether you’re a collector or a shooter, the Finnish M39 Mosin-Nagant is a piece of history that continues to impress and inspire.


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