Mosin Nagant 91/30 TULA, Comes w/ Sling & Matching # Bayonet, 7.62x54R


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The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Tula is a name that resonates with firearm enthusiasts, collectors, and history buffs around the world. This iconic rifle has a storied past, with a design that has stood the test of time. In this article, we’ll delve into the history and features of the Mosin bayonet for sale, explaining why it continues to capture the imagination of gun aficionados.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Tula is part of a lineage that stretches back to the late 19th century. Originally designed by Russian arms inventors Sergei Ivanovich Mosin and Léon Nagant, this bolt-action rifle has earned a reputation for its robustness and reliability. The “91/30” designation refers to the year 1891 when the Russian military and the 30-inch barrel length of the rifle adopted the original Mosin-Nagant design. Tula, a city in Russia, is known for its production of high-quality firearms, and the Tula Arsenal played a pivotal role in the production of these rifles.

Key Features of the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Tula

  1. Accuracy: The Mosin bayonet scabbard is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, making it a favorite among marksmen. The 7.62x54mmR cartridge, which the rifle fires, is known for its long-range capabilities.
  2. Robust ConstructionThis rifle was built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Its rugged design, with a durable bolt action and a simple yet effective, five-round internal magazine, ensures it can perform reliably even in adverse environments.
  3. Historical SignificanceBeyond its technical features, the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Tula carries immense historical weight. It played a pivotal role in both World War I and World War II, serving as the primary rifle for the Soviet Red Army. Owning one of these rifles connects you to a bygone era of military history.
  4. AffordabilityDespite its historical significance and performance, the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Tula remains relatively affordable compared to other firearms of its class. This makes it an attractive option for both collectors and shooters.

The Collector’s Dream

For firearm enthusiasts, collecting a 1938 Mosin Nagant 91/30 is a dream come true. The surplus market offers a variety of options, including rifles with different markings, conditions, and historical backgrounds. Each rifle has its unique story to tell, and part of the thrill of collecting is uncovering the history behind each piece.

One can find Mosin Nagant 1891 vs 91/30 that has been refurbished, preserving their historical significance while ensuring they function like new. These rifles are often adorned with authentic markings that tell the tale of where they’ve been and Mosin Nagant 91/59 Bolt Action.

The Shooting Experience

Shooting a Mosin Nagant M91/30 bayonet is an experience like no other. The powerful 7.62x54mmR cartridge delivers a satisfying recoil and an unmistakable boom, evoking a sense of connection to the past. Whether you’re a collector who wants to preserve history or a shooter who appreciates a reliable and accurate rifle, the Mosin 91/30 Tula won’t disappoint.


The Mosin Nagant 91/30 Tula is more than just a rifle; it’s a symbol of history, endurance, and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice shooter, this iconic firearm has something to offer. Its affordability, historical significance, and time-tested design continue to make it a sought-after piece in the world of firearms. So, if you’re looking to own a piece of history or experience the joy of shooting a legendary rifle, the M9130 Mosin Nagant is an excellent choice.


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