Mosin Nagant Western house Co contracted matching


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Mosin Nagant Western House Co contracted matching For Sale

The Mosin Nagant rifles with the “Western House Co” mark represent a fascinating historical chapter. These rifles were part of a contract with the Western House Company, indicating their unique origin and production. The term “matching” refers to rifles where the serial numbers on major components like the receiver, barrel, and bolt all correspond, underscoring the originality and completeness of the firearm. For collectors and enthusiasts, a russian rifle mosin nagant with Western House Co. markings and matching serial numbers holds immense value, offering a tangible connection to a specific historical contract and a complete, authentic representation of its production.


Unique Origin: Associated with a historical contract with the mosin-nagant m91 rifle.

Distinct Markings: Bears markings indicating its association with Western House Co.

Matching Serial Numbers: Key components like the receiver, barrel, and bolt have corresponding serial numbers.

Collector’s Rarity: Highly sought after by collectors due to its unique origin and matching serial numbers.

Historical Significance: This represents a specific chapter in the history of mosin nagant rifle for sale production.

Authenticity: The matching serial numbers confirm the rifle’s originality and completeness.

Western House Co. Imprint: A testament to the collaboration between Mosin Nagant and the Western House Company.

Tangible Connection: Offers enthusiasts a link to a particular historical contract and production period.


  1. Caliber: 7.62x54R
  2. Action: Bolt-Action
  3. Barrel Length: Varies by model
  4. Overall Length: Varies by model
  5. Weight: Varies by model
  6. Capacity: Typically, a 5-round internal magazine
  7. Stock Material: Wood MAUSER 1891
  8. Finish: May have blued or other finishes
  9. Markings: Specific Western House Co. markings for identification
  10. Matching Serial Numbers: Key components like the receiver, barrel, and bolt have corresponding serial numbers.
  11. Sights: Adjustable iron sights, often with a hooded front sight
  12. Bayonet: Depending on the specific variant, this may include a detachable or fixed bayonet.
  13. Collector’s Value: High due to the unique mosin-nagant sniper rifle. association and matching serial numbers.

These specifications provide an overview of key details that define the mosin nagant toy rifle contracted by Western House Co., showcasing their unique features, historical connection, and collector’s appeal.


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