Russian 91/30 1937 7.62x 54R All


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Russian 91/30 1937 7.62x 54r All For Sale

It looks like you’re referring to a Russian 91/30 1937 7.62x 54r All rifle manufactured in 1937 chambered in 7.62x54mmR. The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 is a bolt-action rifle that was widely used by the Soviet Union and its allies during World War II and beyond. The “7.62x54mmR” indicates the caliber of the ammunition it uses, with “R” standing for rimmed.

Mosin-nagant M91/30 (1936r) Russian

The Mosin-Nagant M91/30, a Russian bolt-action rifle, emerged in 1930 as a refined iteration of its predecessor, the M91. Renowned for its robust design, it became the standard issue firearm for the Soviet military. Chambered in 7.62x54mmR, its powerful cartridge ensured effective long-range performance. With a 28.7-inch barrel and an overall length of 48.

Russian 91 30 For Sale

At 5 inches, the rifle featured a distinctive straight wooden stock and a bayonet affixed to the muzzle. Additionally, its bolt-action mechanism and internal magazine allowed for a five-round capacity. Widely used in World War II and beyond, the M91/30 played a crucial role in various conflicts, earning its place in history. Furthermore, today, russian nagant 91 30 remains a sought-after collector’s item and a testament to the enduring legacy of Soviet military firearms.

The Best Russian Model 91 30 

The Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 is a bolt-action rifle that was used by the Soviet Union and various other countries during and after World War II. Here are some key features and information about the Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30:

Design and Origin:

  • The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 is an improved version of the earlier Model 1891 rifle, designed by Russian and Belgian engineers Sergei Mosin and Léon Nagant, respectively.
  • The 91/30 designation indicates the year 1891 and the 30cm (about 11.8 inches) bayonet that was standard issue with this rifle.

Accuracy and Reliability:

  • While the Mosin-Nagant is known for its ruggedness and reliability, its accuracy can vary. Some rifles may have been arsenal-refurbished over the years, 1936r 91 30 russian rifle, impacting their condition and accuracy.


  • Mosin-Nagant rifles, including the 91/30, have become popular among firearms collectors due to their historical significance and affordability.


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