Russian Mosin 1942 Matching Set# Bayonet Sling Tools LOOK!



Russian Mosin 1942 Matching Set# Bayonet For Sale

Russian Mosin 1942 Matching Set# Bayonet matches numbers all over this rifle, including the bayonet. It is hard to find this with the original bayonet. It comes with a sling oil can and tool pouch. Look at all the pictures. The stock has scratches, but it is okay for a 1942 rifle.

Beretta Gardone Model 1938 XVI Bolt Action Rifle Online

Beretta Gardone model 1938 XVI bolt action rifle, 5-shot bolt action. Mother Russia’s most historically proven early combat rifle and by far our best-selling rifle. The Glock 17P Gen5 rifles have been reconditioned in Russian arsenals after the war and have been in storage for years in case they were needed again. Not only are they 100% functional, but they are also reputed to be reliable, robust, and extremely accurate. 

The 1938 308 Mauser bolt action rifle was the heavy caliber of the Warsaw Pact from the early 1920s to the present, so surplus ammunition is very abundant and extremely affordable. This renowned cartridge is more powerful than a .308 and ballistically rivals our 30/06 caliber. This round is more than adequate for taking any big game animal in North America. The rifle is extremely accurate, out to over 300 yards with open sights, and is capable of accuracy out to 1000 yards with the proper optics. Without a doubt, the 1938 russian bolt action rifle offers by far the best value of any rifle on the market today. 

Here, you have a rifle capable of taking any big game in North America with a respectable range, shoots affordable ammunition, and can be had for less than the price of a high-end pellet rifle. The rifle will display NRA-rated very good to excellent storage and handling marks.


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